Steelers vs. Ravens Week 9 Preview

This Sunday night we have the privilege to once again watch a game from what is arguably the best rivalry in professional sports. We are of course referring to this weeks prime time Sunday Night Football matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. This game is the Steelers biggest game in the season so far, and after the whooping they delivered to the colts only one week ago, they couldn’t be more confident heading into this one.

In week two the Steelers traveled to Baltimore for a Thursday night game and got dominated 6-26. This time the Steelers are riding a two-game winning streak and are coming off their best offensive performance in years. We also have to mention that this time the game is in Pittsburgh, so I hope all you Steelers fans that will be attending have your terrible towel ready and that you bring the noise to show the Ravens that nothing is easy when they enter Heinz Field.

The Steelers are also catching a lucky break with the Ravens losing their starting cornerback, Jimmy Smith, who has been ruled out for this weeks matchup. Jimmy Smith is a top cornerback in the league, and with Ben Roethliberger’s confidence higher than ever after his outstanding performance (40 of 49, 522 yds, and 6 td’s) against the Colts last week, this is a huge loss for the Ravens and it will give the Steelers an advantage on offense. Despite the advantage, the Ravens are still favored by 1.5 points. We feel insulted by that line, but I’ll save that for another piece. If you’re interested in seeing more of the lines for the games around the league click here for the best odds from

As we browsed the web looking to see what everyone was saying about this game, we noted the following predictions:


“If the Steelers can have a similar performance to last weekend, they will have no problem winning. Similar performance or not, I am still predicting them to take this game (Ravens 23, Steelers 26).”


“If Baltimore loses their cool over dropping to a 5-3 record, this game could end up going the other way around, but I’ll give the Ravens the benefit of the doubt this game. The Steelers won’t make this an easy win, but I think that they’re just a little below where they need to be to push ahead to a 6-3 record. My final guess is that this will be a close call, but ultimately Baltimore is going to walk away with it.”

Scott Brown of ESPN:

“Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger isn’t going to throw six touchdown passes again this week. But he will find a way to win against a team that has beaten the most competitive player on the Steelers in four of the last five games (Steelers 27, Ravens 23).”

Our Prediction is that the Steelers take this in a close game that is decided in the final minutes of the game. Let’s go Steelers!

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