All In for the Steelers: What Can Change Pittsburgh’s Chances to Reach the Bowl

Getting back in shape for the regular season

With the Steelers campaign barely a week away and the season closing in yard by yard, we see the leagues’ players are now getting back in shape while the coaches and coordinators are finalizing their training session plans to bolster their rosters. Although probably not the favorite to enter the Super Bowl with the likes of defending champs Baltimore Ravens and their highly touted rivals Cincinnati Bengals in the picture, the Steelers hold a pair of aces in their pockets with some key adjustments this off-season. Despite finishing with a meager 8-8 record last season, the team could raise their chances for playoff contention with a few bits of fine-tuning in the lineup, along with looking at their offensive and defensive tactics. Here are some things to watch out for this season.

The offensive strategy and Big Ben

While the history of most sports is undeniably a showcase of strength and physical prowess, the subtle game of strategy has brought the weaker and more disadvantaged teams into rightful contention. Often times, team chemistry is only a trait observed among the players but chemistry can also be manifested with the coordinator’s strategy and its suitability to their players.

For the Steelers fans, one big issue that marred last season’s disappointing finish is the discontentment of star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in Todd Haley’s offensive strategies. Luckily, reports of new adjustments to the offense have surfaced and Big Ben seems to be happy about it. With new players coming in to fill in the holes and gaps, a smart coach would make use of his wild cards like a poker expert would in a competition. If offensive coordinator Todd Haley could manifest the same guts of a partypoker WPT champion on the felt table and use it to dominate the gridiron with the famed quarterback, Pittsburgh will go great lengths for the season.

Defense, injuries, and depth

With coach Dick LeBeau picking out the team’s defensive ability as lacking in pushing the opponents into more turnovers this off-season, it wouldn’t be surprising to find a bigger role in the Steelers’ defensive end. Aside from the focus on defense, the team might also need to look to address depth. The Steelers lost 5 of their last 7 games last season. This is arguably attributed to the starting line up’s injuries and a considerable lack of depth of the team’s bench. Luckily, the team is full of talented youngsters and a few of them are already about to take starting roles. Steve McLendon, Cortez Allen, and Jason Worilds are just three names to greatly impact the Steelers’ new face.

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