Tips for NFL betting

As people start to make bets on the upcoming NFL season, it can be useful for those who have never bet on it before to have some tips that could improve their chances of success. Of course the single most important tip anyone considering betting on the NFL can have is to find out all you can about the league – including the current form and injuries for each team, as these can have a huge impact on the chances of success, both for the teams and those gambling on them. If you are betting on teams to win the AFC and NFC conferences and the Super Bowl, it is also worth considering placing your bet after the draft in April, as then you will know whether teams have strengthened sufficiently for success.

Indeed, although futures betting on the NFL is very popular, it can actually be better to wait until the season has started before wagering. At the moment, the New England Patriots (8/1), the San Francisco 49ers (8/1) and the Denver Broncos (9/1) are rated the favourites for the Super Bowl, but the Broncos were odds-on favourites before the start of last season, and fell way short of expectations. Should these sides perform at the level expected, their odds will remain the same, but if they don’t you can avoid wasting money on them, so there is nothing to lose from holding off before putting money down.

Of course many find it hard to wait, such is their passion for both the NFL and betting, but playing an NFL slots game like $5 Million Touchdown at an online casino sites found at, is a good way of doing this while you wait. Like most slots games this one gives you a great chance of a payout, with the scatter symbol automatically triggering a payout, while the wild symbol fills in for any other reel icon to make a winning reel. The reel icons on $5 Million Touchdown are of such familiar NFL staples as footballs, cheerleaders and whistles, while the bonus game involves passing a ball from player to player as you try to score a touchdown – and build up your bonus credits – making the NFL theme of this particular game more than just cosmetic.

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