Steelers Lose to Browns in Sloppy Fashion, 14-20

The Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t in the best position heading their divisional match up against the Cleveland Browns, but the only team that would have been a more favorable opponent for the Steelers, would have been if they played the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately for the Steelers, they were matched up against the Browns, and the Browns were ready to claim their first win against the Steelers since 2009.

The Steelers were one point favorites prior to the game, but no one anticipated the Steelers to play as sloppy as they did. The main cause for their struggles was their eight turnovers. Charlie Batch was intercepted three times, but he wasn’t the only one who turned the ball over. In addition to the interceptions by Batch, five different players were each responsible for a lost fumble. I’m not about to check the history books, but I doubt many teams have won a game when they turned the ball over eight times.

The Steeleres were essentially non-existent on offense, so there isn’t really much we can say about them. As a team, they ran the ball 20 times, and only managed to get 49 yards on the ground. And just in case you were wondering, Plaxico Burress did play, but was only targeted twice and didn’t record a single reception.

Next week the Steelers will be in Baltimore to face the Ravens, and from what’s being reported today, Roethlisberger is expected to be ready to play, and he will be needed.

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