Game Preview: Steelers at Browns

The 6-4 Pittsburgh Steelers will be on the road today to play the 2-8 Cleveland Browns. This usually has the makings to be a blowout, but the Steelers will be forced to start their third string quarterback, the 37 year old Charlie Batch. Batch has had success in his past when he has filled in for Ben Roethlisberger, but he has gotten older and will also be playing with the recently signed free agent, Plaxico Burress. The Steelers are a mess right now in regards to injuries, but one could argue that there is no better time to be missing players than now, when the Browns are the opponent.

The keys to this game will be getting through the 60 minutes and winning. Yes that isn’t a real key to the game, but unfortunately the Steelers are in a position where they will be playing to not lose. Once they start to get their injured players back, they will be able to finish the season strong and try to solidify a playoff spot, but today doesn’t look like a day where they will dominate.

The game will be at 1:00pm EST at Cleveland Browns Stadium and will be broadcast on CBS.

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