Steelers Look To Get Back On Winning Track In Week 5

Things have not been good for the Pittsburg Steelers so far this season.  They already have two losses on the year with only three games played, so it is safe to say they need to pick up a victory in week 5.  They are playing an unstable Philadelphia Eagles team and have had a week to rest too, so they look like they could be solid as one of your NFL picks on the week.

They will need a big game out of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, however.  He has looked good on the season, throwing for close to 300 yards every game and managing eight touchdowns already on the season with only one turnover.  Those stats have not rolled over into victories, however, and the Steelers have managed to allow lesser teams like the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders to pick up wins over them.  They will need Big Ben to continue putting up points like this while the defense improves if they want to get in the playoffs this year.

The once feared Pittsburg defense has looked absolutely terrible the first three games of this season, allowing close to 80 yards and failing to get many turnovers.  They need to get it together if they want a chance at one of those coveted wild card spots in the playoffs.  The team needs more than Big Ben playing well to succeed in the league.  Their D has, and probably always will, been one of the key factors to them picking up victories from week to week, and they will need it to get solid again if they want more wins.

The Steelers are at a -3.5 points spread against the Eagles this week, which is a risky pick.  They could be rested and reedy for a win in week 5, or they could come out looking worse than ever.  I think they are a good pick on the week, but the Eagles could surprise many and pick up the win.

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