Steelers Lose Heartbreaker to Ravens

The Steelers lost a tough game Sunday night to the Ravens 23-16.  The Steelers were down 16-6 late in the 3rd quarter, and with a Mendenhall 1 yard Touchdown they cut the lead to 16-13.  With 6 minutes left in the game Big Ben hooked up with Mike Wallace for a 33 yard Touchdown to give them a 20-16 lead. 

It seemed to be another close win for the Steelers over the Ravens.  However with 2:20 left to go in the game and the Ravens with the ball at their own 8 yard line, the Steelers Defense was not able to perform.  The Steelers defense did not get any pressure Flacco and Flacco was able to pick apart the secondary and march the Ravens down the field for the go ahead touchdown with 8 seconds remaining.

Steelers cornerback Ryan Clark said after the game, “The Ravens are the better team right now.”  This is the first time the Steelers have been swept by the Ravens since 2006.  The Steelers now fall to 6-3 on the year and are now in 3rd place in the AFC North.

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