Steelers Fail Tough Road Test

The Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) lost a tough hard fought, 17-10, game to the Houston Texans (3-1) this past Sunday.  The Steelers lost the battle in the trenches.   Both the offensive line and defensive line are to blame for the Steelers lose.

 The offensive line allowed 5 sacks against Big Ben and he was under pressure the entire game resulting in poor throws and causing him to get hit a number of times.  Worst of all at the end of the game Big Ben took a blow to the legs and now he is questionable for this Sundays game against the Titans. (3-1) 

The defensive line did not play well either, they allowed Arian Foster to run all over them.  Foster totaled up 155 yards on 30 carries, including a 42 yard touchdown.  The defensive line was also unable to have any pass rush as the Steelers recorded 0 sacks. 

This is a tough loss for the Steelers but it does not get any easier with the red hot Titans (3-1) comming to town this Sunday.

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